Compiling from git

You will need a c++11 compiler (for example g++ or clang), cmake, and boost installed.

Please take a look at compile options for the available options.

Initial installation

  1. (download sourcecode) git clone git://
  2. (enter directory) cd dspdfviewer
  3. (make a build sub-directory) mkdir build ; cd build
  4. (create Makefile) cmake .. (note: this step should tell you about missing build-deps)
  5. (build) make
  6. (install) make install (optional)

Be advised that there is no automatic uninstallation, so please consider packaging the software using your distribution’s preferred packaging method.

The cmake step accepts --prefix= and the generated make install accepts the DESTDIR setting, so your packager can redirect the files where it needs them.


  1. (enter directory) cd .../dspdfviewer/build/
  2. (update from git) git pull
  3. (build) make
  4. (install system-wide) make install (optional)

Again, please use your distribution’s preferred packaging wrapper around make install.