Compile the stable release from source

Note: Please take a look at the github releases page to get an overview of the released versions and how they changed.

You can also jump directly to the latest version.

Dependencies: You will need to install the build dependencies before you can compile this software.

Info: When compiling software yourself, you have the opportunity to change certain aspects. Please read the compile-time options list if you want to fine-tune certain things.

VERSION=1.33.7 # Change this!
gpgv dspdfviewer-$VERSION.tar.gz.asc v$VERSION.tar.gz # verify archive integrity
cd dspdfviewer-$VERSION
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. # You could pass options here (see above)

# You can now use the software as ./dspdfviewer

make install # optional, requires root privileges

Note that there is no uninstall script, so please consider replacing the final make install with something more appropriate for your distribution. It will respect the usual DESTDIR parameter.

If you are willing to write and maintain a dspdfviewer installation script/package for a specific distribution, please get in touch.